Richard Prince’s Sculpture Girlfriend Poster

Richard Prince created a poster for the San Francisco Art Fair featuring one of his iconic images, “Girlfriends.” The poster also featured a list of the fair’s participating artists, including Barbara Gladstone, Blum & Poe, and Gavin Brown Enterprises. Read on for more information on this unique poster.

Kendall’s likeness used for Maluma’s sculpture

Kendall Jenner has served as the model for a sculpture of Maluma’s girlfriend. Jenner was a marketing director in Los Angeles and the sculptor, Carole Feuerman, had her studio in a former factory. In 2008, Carole contacted Jenner and offered to create the sculpture in her likeness.

Richard Prince’s “Girlfriends” poster

Richard Prince’s sculpture girlfriend poster was a departure from his earlier series of Cowboys. The Cowboys were iconic images of American masculinity, but Prince’s Untitled (Girlfriend) reversed that message. In the Cowboys series, the models were posed and professionally costumed by advertising experts. In Untitled (Girlfriend), the models were actually set up by their boyfriends.

The sculpture girlfriend poster was created to promote the San Francisco Art Fair, a show held at the Phoenix Hotel. The poster featured a stunning image by Richard Prince from his series of sculptures entitled “Girlfriends.” In addition to this iconic image, the poster also lists the participating artists and studios. The exhibition also featured works by Gavin Brown Enterprises, Blum & Poe, and Barbara Gladstone.

Prince has exhibited extensively worldwide. His work can be found in the collections of museums and private collectors. In New York and London, his work has been collected by museums. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London holds several works by the artist. Some of his works have sold for millions of dollars on the secondary market.

The artist’s works are wildly eclectic and include paintings, photographs, and books. His work is so extensive and varied that he has built entire buildings to house his art collections. His collection of books, magazines, cartoons, posters, cars, and videos is vast. The artist’s work is equal parts standup comedy, performance art, and cultural intervention.