Sculpture House Casting Plaster

Sculpture House Casting Plaster is a pure white gypsum product that is used to build mother molds and cast sculptures. It is sold in 3-pound units and cases of 12. It is a great choice for beginners because it is easy to work with and slow-setting, which makes it ideal for casting and mother mold building.

Miniature tools

Sculpture house casting requires a variety of equipment to ensure quality results. Miniature tools, also known as color shaping tools, can help you achieve the fine details you want on your sculpture. These tools have double wire ends and allow you to carefully shape the material with precision. Whether you are working with wax or clay, these tools can help you get the perfect shape.

Mold rubber

It’s very important to use the proper mold rubber for sculpture house casting. This is because the location of the mold will affect the integrity of the final work. A proper mold is made of high-quality silicone rubber and a plaster or fiberglass mother mold. The rubber mold will produce a hollow wax impression of the original sculpture. Split-pattern molds are made up of two sections, the top (or cope) and the bottom (or drag). The final step is to insert a core in the mold, which will create the angles and cavities.

For large sculptures, the mold rubber is called monumental. This type of mold is used for sculptures that are over 8 feet in height. Sculptors should warm up the metal to a liquid state before pouring it into the mold.

Mixing bowls

When you’re making plaster for sculptures, mixing the material in the right bowl is crucial. You may want to invest in mixing bowls that will provide you with the consistency you need. You can buy one with a small diameter to make mixing smaller batches easier. Or, you can buy one with a large diameter to make large batches.

The mixing bowls you buy should be durable. They should be dishwasher-safe and resist stains, odors, and other wear and tear. They should also be affordable. They should be durable enough to handle a heavy workload and still look great. Here are some tips for selecting the right bowl for your needs.

Mixing bowls are available in different sizes, from three quarts to eight quarts. There are also mixing bowl sets that include a prep bowl and two large bowls.


Plaster for sculpture house casting is a process that allows artists to replicate a sculptural work using plaster. Plaster is a hard, non-porous substance that consists primarily of calcined gypsum. It is crushed and heated between 250 and 350 degrees Celsius until it becomes a powder. Then, water is added and its reforms. This process can create a highly detailed model that is nearly indistinguishable from the original.

Plaster is a cheap material that hardens quickly, allowing for low-cost, mass-produced reproductions. These qualities helped to make plaster a popular medium for sculpting, though they also contributed to the demise of the practice. It is important to research the subject and determine the scale of the model before casting.

Sculpture House Casting Plaster is a high-quality, pure white gypsum product for sculpture house casting and mold-building. This product is available in case quantities of twelve.